IBM Announces Global Remote Mentoring for 2012 Passing Out Batch!

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Dear BE 6th Semester Students of CSE, ISE, EC, TC, EEE, IEM, IT, Mech Depts and MCA 4th Semester Students,

Refer the URL towards end of this post for details.

This time IBM has streamlined the process of Remote Mentoring by

a) Giving out a list of projects to choose from with the Problem Statement of the project given.

b) Assigning IBM Mentors to these projects.

c) Inviting new Project Proposals apart from the the list of projects given by IBM.

The selection of the Teams which they want to remote mentor will be done by them based on the Project Document you submit as well as an Interview Call.

IBM will call you, if they are interested in the project proposal that you give.

Utilize this opportunity to get a project that you can present as your final year project, with an IBM stamp in it. IBM being a globally recognized brand, a certificate from them will help you in your career options, as well as higher studies.

The FASTER you apply, the FASTER is your chance to get through. IBM-India has a target for the maximum number of groups,it can remotely mentor. Remember, it is an INDIA-wide initiative. So Hurry Up!

Best of Luck!

—Mydhili (IBM SPOC Single Point of Contact, MSRIT)

Please refer to the below URL for details.

Ignore the Certificate warnings that the browser pops up, because of ‘https’.



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Registration for IBM Remote Mentoring

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Please download the following excel sheet and complete the necessary details that have been asked for.
You can download the sheet at

Please ensure that the form is filled and uploaded back to the site before 30 September, 2010, 4PM

Create new sheet in the above excel sheet and fill the details and save your file sheet name as one of your team members name and branch suffix.

Example: Registration 2010_ISE_Harish&team.xls.
Please enter your permanent contact details, not some paying guest/hostel accommodation.

Row 37 and 38 is especially of value to the 15 students selected for Internship, for hiring at IBM ISL. Please ensure that you enter the details properly.
Also ensure that the faculty mentor URL must reflect the faculty page at MSRIT site. If they have a website of their own please mention that too.

For further query and doubts please contact

Harish: (9036059723)

Prabha: (9986855253)

— Mydhili

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IBM MSRIT Remote Mentoring Student Project Groups 2010

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Please find the Remote Mentoring Teams of CSE and ISE here:-

The Project Remote Mentoring is currently extended to CSE and ISE Departments after a selection process done by IBM in the month of July.

69 Students were selected for Remote Mentoring.

39 from CSE and 30 from ISE.

Out of this 15 Students are undergoing Internship in IBM ISL(India Software Labs). 8 from CSE and 7 from ISE.

The statestics are as follows, with respect to their Internship end tenure.

2 Students : internship gets over on 27th August, 2010
5 Students internship gets over on 1st Sept, 2010
8 Students internship gets over on 15th Sept, 2010


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TGMC 2010- Register Now !!!

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The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC) is back in a new avatar!

TGMC 2009 was superb , it had about 110,000 students participating nation wide and made to LIMCA book of records 2009 for most no of participants among any national contests 🙂 .

Overview Of Contest : The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC) is a Nation-wide Software Development contest conducted by the IBM Academic Initiative Team. It aims to provide student programmers and faculty members with a unique opportunity to develop innovative solutions using open standards-based IT tools from IBM in complex real time situations.

For more details :


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I-CARE IBM – IRL Contest on Oct 22 in Bangalore

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IBM IRL (India Research Labs) is organizing a contest in October in Bangalore .  This is an India-wide competition. Make use of this opportunity.

Please see here the CFP:  Call for Papers – I-CARE(2010)

Both Poster and Demo Abstracts are called.  Deadline: Sep 1st !!!

Exercise those brain-cells…Opportunities like this  dont come knocking at your door all the time!



(PS: If any students of the IBM UR Departments have any queries on how to go about, what to do,please feel free to contact me, ok? Will try my best to help you! )

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Smart Grid

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Smart Grid:

Few years back electrical grid’s impact on the natural environment wasn’t a priority and consumers weren’t even part of the equation. Back then, the power system could be centralized, closely managed and supplied by a relatively small number of large power plants. It was designed to distribute power in one direction only — not to manage a dynamic global network of energy supply and demand.
This management of energy system can be made smart & any parameter can be instrumented. The following are the main areas which form the functioning of a smart grid system.
 Renewable Energy:
CO2 emissions reduction and environmental concern push for more renewable. But all these new sources need to be integrated & connected. Forecast, control & monitoring are also key to optimize renewable output.
 Smarter Homes:
Smart homes can integrate local generation, storage & new electric vehicle loads. Consumption is monitored, controlled & adjusted based on grid parameters.
 Micro Grid:
These scaled down versions of the centralized grid power clean energy and interact with main grid, they can be made to operate independently too.
 Electric Vehicles:
Battery operated vehicle is a versatile energy resource. It can receive from the grid and give back to it, as needed.
 Smart Data Management:
Smart grid system generates huge amounts of data. All this information needs to be collected, analyzed and used efficiently using smart communication & data management systems.
 Smarter Equipment:
To integrate all the different modules of a smart grid an entire array of smarter equipments comes into picture eg HVDC transmission etc.
 Energy Storage:
Energy storage seems to play a very important part in smart grid system. It can be used to reinforce the need for storage solutions to optimize the use of energy.

Smart grid projects, if implemented on large scale can save power in tune of 20 – 30 %. This can help in overall conservation of resources & cost savings. Thus making earth greener.
Conclusions & benefits:
A smart grid system offers many benefits such as:
 Higher Customer Satisfaction
 Improved Reliability
 Increased Efficiency
 Customer Energy/Cost Savings
 Higher Security
Smart grids are the future. More innovations & research needed in the field.

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we can  design an electronic voting machine, using wireless communication, it can be extended to a situation in which the machine can be carried from door to door and  a secure pass word can be given to each voter using which he can caste his vote. This can help in reducing the frauds taking place during voting.

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